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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ferrety Friday?: Little late but only two?

Hey there... mom knows she is a little late with the Ferrety Friday... but she wanted to finish these little things last night and attempted to put them on me.  I told her I needed four of them but I don't think she is going to make more...

But then again... they aren't pink... and pink socks would have been better anyway.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Troupe Tuesday: Quibbler Surpirse

Wow.... Mom went all out this time.... kinda fun don't you think...

mmmm can't read the words... maybe this linkie thing will help...

Quibbler Surprise Outside Link

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ferrety Friday: Yarn Assasinations.

Mwahahahahahahaha!!!! I killed some more....

Mommy says that this is a bad thing... that she accidentally left the Evil Yarn in the box where I could get to it and assassinate it.  She says that this was a bad thing...

But I know better.  She knows the evils of the Yarn and she made sure I could get to it and kill it and spread it across the room so that it would never be able to get back into its ball form.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Troupe Tuesday: Bravery in fur.

The story of the Troupe of Gryffindor ferrets continues... Mommy Deii said she should be able to do a description of them in the next week.  Until that time, here are some more antics....

Bright, Quite, Bravery...

Fuzziekit pushed her bangs out of her face and looked over the spell again. She was glad it was warm enough to sit outside. She sighed and leaned back and smiled. The grizzly face was only a few feet away from her. The skeletal black Thestrals were very curious and had approached her smelling the raw meat she had brought with her, for them as a treat. She reached into her bag and pulled out the small wrapped piece of food. She gingerly pulled the parchment away and tossed it to the small creature.

“AAH!” From beside her came a little scream.

“What? No!” Two brightly colored ferrets shot out of ‘kit’s bag and stood in front of her, their tails bottle brushed and teeth bared.

“Run ‘kit.” Sherman spoke in his deeply high voice, his red fur possibly even redder, and hissed at the dark horse.

“We’ll protect you.” Snitchet chirped in her honey golden fur practically glowing and she made her little self as big as she could.

It was hard for ‘kit not to laugh but she knew what to do now. These two little brave balls of fur, who would more likely be eaten by the Thestral than her, had gathered up their courage and stood between her and the perceived danger.

“Oh Sherman, Snitchet.” She stood up and gathered them into her arms. “You two are perfectly brave. My brightly colored, quietly courageous ferrets.” She put them back in her bag and gathered up her notes and spellbook to head back to her kitchen.

“What did we do?” Snitchet asked Sherman.

“If I knew, I would tell you.” He looked at his little friend. “But I still don’t get her.”

Later that week...

“Oow ow ow.” Snitchet squeaked.

“Oh Snitchet.” Fuzziekit rushed over and picked up the little honey golden ferret and looked at her paw, which now had a thin sliver needle sticking out of it.

“It hurts.” Snitchet cried.

“Hold still.” ‘kit said and as gently as she could pulled the pin out. With quick hands she did dabbed a little potion on the paw. “There, that should do it.”

Snitchet shook in ‘kit’s hands and said softly. “It still hurts.”

“Well, the potion isn’t meant to take away the pain.” Sherman spoke from at ‘kit’s feet, where he was looking up to where his friend was being held.

Snitchet turned and looked down at him a moment before sticking her tongue out at him.

“You need to be more careful around objects I am blocking.” There was humor in her voice as she set the little ferret down.

“Blocking?” Snitchet looked at her quizzically. “You don’t block stuff.”

“Not very often. And this was a very aggressive block too.” ‘kit started to take the pins out of the points of the shawl. “I had to insure that the shawl points where..” She chuckled slightly. “..Sharp.”

Sherman gave a light chuckle as well as Snitchet stuck her tongue out, now, at ‘kit.

*Blocking=Yarn Blocking: Shaping the finished garment after knitting or crocheting. It is usually done by wetting the garment. This, in combination with blocking, will give the garment the desired dimensions. (according to Yarn Glossary
Mommy Deii utilized pins in the particular one that they encountered. ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A troupe of Gryffindor Ferrets... oh boy!

Hello! I am so happy to be here today... and today is a creative day.

Mommy is putting up a little story. Normally I do not like her playing with her string. Normally I want her to be playing with me but today she is showing off her little bit of writing creativity with in the knitting group she participates in on Ravelry called The House Cup.

You see mommy is a Furry Potter fan... no really Furry Potter is a wizarding ferret... *stomps her little feet* No... there is a picture hanging in our hall way... and I know he is on line too. No, his name is not Harry Potter... you know fine, whatever. *huffs*

Anyway, she is a part of this community and they compete to see who can make the most and best projects... and win the House Cup from Hogwarts. Well, she has a troupe of ferrets that she writes about, relating to this group. And well, this last month they won the House Cup, her house did. And she wrote about what the ferrets did... and it was great. She read it to me and I loved it. So with out further wait, here are the Gryffindor Ferrets celebrating the winning of the House Cup...

*Out of the Gryffindor common room explodes a flurry of flying fur. Eight small fuzzy forms come flying around the heads of the students and staff alike, some doing somersaults, others cartwheeling through the air, a couple are just trying not to look down. A small honey golden one zooms up to the head table and floats above it. It is only then that you notice these fuzzies are ferrets. This one wearing a golden tutu and tinny white wings does a little shimmy before zooming off to the Hufflepuff table. Where she scatters treats galore*

Now here is the story:
CONGRATULATIONS HUFFLEPUFF!! *explodes in glittering letters around them* QUIDDITCH FOR THE WIN!!!

*Around the Gryffindor table a redish ferret zooms through tossing roses, candy and exploding snaps. All the ferrets give loud Dooks*

ROAR GRYFFINDOR!!! *explodes in flaming letters around them, fortunately they don't burn* HOUSE CUP WINNERS!!!

*At the head-table a sliver ferret lazily floats down and smiles at those seated there and starts to dook... upon realizing the translation spell does not work out here. He gives a little sigh winks at all the staff from behind his half moon glasses and shakes his body.*

THANK YOU, STAFF ONE AND ALL!!! *Shines in silvery letters above their heads* YOU MAKE THE HOUSECUP GRAND!!!

*Around each table, treats are tossed by the little fuzzies and dooks of congratulations are given... if a bit dryly by the dark almost black ferret. Suddenly a load bag was heard as the frazzled form of fuzziekit stumbles in.*

You are not suppose to leave the common room without me... much less take a flying potion...

*All the ferrets scatter to the winds, a golden blur flies past fuzziekit's ear, a black one out a window, a white one off to the towers, the red and sable ones opposite directions as well. The slightly chubby sable manages to get himself unstuck from the chandelier before zooming back to the Gryffindor Common room. The sliver one floats down winks at 'kit and zooms to who knows where.*

I am so sorry I will try and keep them under control... hopefully this time they won't blow anything up.

*Fuzziekit hikes up her robes to reveal bright pink converse high-tops and silver laces and runs off in the direction of the silver one.*

Oh yeah by the way... mommy's name on the site is Fuzziekit... can't imagine why.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Okay I understand mommy had a lot of important knitting things to these last months but really... that is not how you are suppose to hurt your shoulder.

You are suppose to hurt it ferret fishing in a box.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Snot... no snot.


Yep I have a cold.  It is no fun. 

I had a sneeze fit the other day... not as bad as the last one I had.   Auntie Jai thought I was hurt on that one.  No this one was just body wracking.  Ick ick ick.

But mommy took me to see the doctor and he said I was doing okay and just to give me some medicine to help keep it from getting worse. 

I get 0.5 ml of this icky sticky substance.  Blech!

However, mommy is working on the Gryfindor ferret stories for me... so hopefully I can tell you them on the next post.  They are so much fun I could blow a coat.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loss... it's been how long and I still miss her...

Hello again... I know it has been a little bit since I have had a chance to write anything.  But I have been a busy girl. 

But this week has been a little different and a little bit difficult around the house.

Auntie Jai, Mommy's roommate, had a rough time this weekend.  She took down the cage that belonged to a beloved family member who passed away a month ago.  I miss Buddy-birds chirping.  He was a cool bird. 

She mentioned to Mommy that she should not feel like this... that she should be okay with taking the cage down.  But Mommy understood... and so do I. 

That same day Mommy picked up these...

'lexi's feet.  She baked them off today.

They turned out nice.  I think she needs to add a little purple on there... because she loved purple.

It has been six months and I still miss her.  I find things to keep me busy... dragging around the pink google, protecting mom from Evil Yarn Balls, dancing and digging everywhere.  But it is night time that is the hardest when I am alone in the hammock.

I miss you big sissy.  I miss you lots.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Giggles... they are water ferrets...

Because this makes mommy laugh every time she watches it.

And the Water Ferrets are GO!!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I am wet....

I do not understand mom's obsession with baths.  I smell perfectly fine.  It is my smell... musky and odoriferous.  But she seems to think I always need a bath.*

I just want out of the water but she is holding me in it.  It isn't cold... it is just wet.  I don't like being wet.

Now she is using that shampoo stuff and getting rid of my sent.  How is she suppose to know it is me, if I don't smell like me?

I will not pose for pictures, even if she is drying me off.

She doesn't get me near dry enough so I rub on anything to get the wetness off of me.

I don't like baths, I don't like them at all.

*This is mommy deii, and I give my little Chavi a bath once a month so that her skin doesn't get too dry.  I also don't use a scented shampoo, even if I might want to.  She just doesn't like being controlled... and I understand the dislike of being wet.