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Monday, December 26, 2011

A bed is a matter of opinion

Hello, hello... good night, 'tis nap time.

I like napping a lot.  There are so many good napping spots around the room that I know more than mommy does.  She tries to get pictures of me in all of them but I normally wake up when she starts taking pictures. 

Right now I am in love with the fuzzy blue bed...

As you can see it is inside the Vet-Carry-To, not a big fan of the Vet but that is another story.

But the bed is comfortable.

So is the sliding cave with mommy smelling shirts in it.  I like those places too.  They are an adventure to get to but so worth it.

Sisa Lexi liked mommy's work shirts.  She said the smelled like mommy bread.

Of course the most common is in my hamock in the cage... see she even put in my pink blanket.

Oops she woke me up.

But my favorite place to sleep I have to wait for.  And that is snuggled next to my Sisa Lexi.

Best place ever.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Well hello there again.  I just thought I would tell you how horrible the cage is.  Any cage.

I know I have a hammock, a sleepy sack, food and water but I don't care, it is horrible.  I never get enough time out of it.  I don't get any attention at all. 

See I can't get out.  I am stuck in there all the time.

And then mom takes pictures of me. 

I know she says it is because we have a cold, but I want love and she is soft and cuddly when my nose is all snotty and it is hard to breath sometimes.  Mom says we pass it back and forth between each other so we have to be really really really careful.  She has to sanitize her hands and blow her nose lots so that we don't give the germs back and forth. 

I don't know what germs look like but mom says they are evil things that make the snot and make it so we don't feel well.

I am just happy when she does let me out...

...even if we can't snuggle as much as I want.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Evil Yarn Balls kidnapped my mom!

Hello there... Chavi here.  I have been looking at the date of the last post on this lovely little here say about me and mine... and well, it has been just a bit of time since we have last spoken.

Mostly this is because mom has been incredibly busy.  November is her really really really really busy month.  She doesn't play with me near enough.  I tried really hard to get her attention but she kept her focus so much on the computer, typing away on things other than here.  And those evil yarn balls.  Yes the evil yarn balls stole her attention away from snuggling with me and playing with me.  They took her away and made her make this thing she kept calling a Starry Night Swirl Shawl.  I hate them.


Hee hee.  That was last year.  'lexi and I killed a couple of them.  Mom was so proud of us.  She even held us up and said she loved us and that was why we weren't slippers.

I tried to do that this year... but she got to it before I could totally kill it.

Oh well, now that November is over and we are into the HollyDay Time, things should move a little better.  Just thought I would stop by and share.

Dooka dook dook.