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Friday, August 12, 2011

Oooo what's out here?

Ferrets on leashes and in harnesses... not always something that works. I have had ferrets that have bucked, rolled and become a speed bump. I have only tried leash training on one ferret... and it did not work. I tried bribing him, begging him and commanding him.... but alas... he bucked, dropped, dug, shuffled and scrapped himself out of his harness.

Chavi, however, has proven to me that not all ferrets are like that. She at first did not like her harness... she bucked and rolled and got out of it once.... but then she discovered the outdoors.

She is curious about the world around her and actually listens (kinda) when I tell her to go in a different direction.

When it comes to outside... she wants to know what is under the grass.

She wants to know what is under, around, in and on stuff.

But she always comes back to me.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

And the winding road begins...

FurrySlinkie Def: A small animal with an extremely flexible spine that can slip and slid into any where their head can fit. (an alternative name for a ferret)

The ferret is an incredible animal that is a bundle full of energy and curiosity. They keep themselves and their keepers entertained for bursting periods of time. Though they are not for the faint of heart. They create strong attachments to those around them and have unconditional love to give.

I have been a ferret mom for over a decade. I have had six beautiful fur-babies over that time. And I have become known to my friends and people around me as the crazy ferret girl. Anything ferrety gets my intrest.

So I thought I would actually start writing some of my adventures with my ferrets down and start sharing the multitude of pictures and art work that I have revolving around them. I thought I would share information I have figured out and tidbits I have learned regarding these bright eyed mischievous little critters.

Currently I have one ferret... her name is Chavi... and she is a little princess. 

Which she is not looking like in this picture. The sign was a wonderful gift from one of my cousin-in-laws. Apparently her father finds things like that and just picks them up. Most of the current adventures will be about her, since she is the only one I have.

She loves the color pink and her arch nemesis is the Evil Pink Google.

It is a toy put out by Ganz and she just has to drag it around and shove it into hidden places all over the room.

When I talk about past ferrets and my coming to discover ferrets I can not guaranty complete accuracy. I am human and therefore have a human memory and sometimes do not fully remember how things went... I might embellish, or create a possibility of a story. But they are true stories to my heart. And that is what is important.

So come enjoy the journey of the ferret with me... it will definitely be a winding road... because what is going through a ferrets mind? : 'what's in there?'