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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ferret Crack... really it is.

*happy dooking preceds a bouncy ferret smaking her lips*

Hello, I just had the most wonderful thing in the universe.  FerretTone.  YUM!!! It takes so good and makes my coat shiny and silky smoooth.  I wish mom would give it to me much more than she does.  I love the taste and will lick it up whereever I can find it. 

I especially love it when she puts it on my belly.

She says she puts it there to help take care of my nails.  But I don't really notice her doing anything with my feet.  Sometimes her hands or arms get in the way of me licking my belly off but I don't really know what she is doing.

I can always smell when she opens the FerreTone bottle.  It smells so good... I just love it.  I think I rember mom calling it Ferret Crack.  I don't know why... FERRETONE!!!!

*scurrying of paws to the sound of a pop-top being opened.*