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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A troupe of Gryffindor Ferrets... oh boy!

Hello! I am so happy to be here today... and today is a creative day.

Mommy is putting up a little story. Normally I do not like her playing with her string. Normally I want her to be playing with me but today she is showing off her little bit of writing creativity with in the knitting group she participates in on Ravelry called The House Cup.

You see mommy is a Furry Potter fan... no really Furry Potter is a wizarding ferret... *stomps her little feet* No... there is a picture hanging in our hall way... and I know he is on line too. No, his name is not Harry Potter... you know fine, whatever. *huffs*

Anyway, she is a part of this community and they compete to see who can make the most and best projects... and win the House Cup from Hogwarts. Well, she has a troupe of ferrets that she writes about, relating to this group. And well, this last month they won the House Cup, her house did. And she wrote about what the ferrets did... and it was great. She read it to me and I loved it. So with out further wait, here are the Gryffindor Ferrets celebrating the winning of the House Cup...

*Out of the Gryffindor common room explodes a flurry of flying fur. Eight small fuzzy forms come flying around the heads of the students and staff alike, some doing somersaults, others cartwheeling through the air, a couple are just trying not to look down. A small honey golden one zooms up to the head table and floats above it. It is only then that you notice these fuzzies are ferrets. This one wearing a golden tutu and tinny white wings does a little shimmy before zooming off to the Hufflepuff table. Where she scatters treats galore*

Now here is the story:
CONGRATULATIONS HUFFLEPUFF!! *explodes in glittering letters around them* QUIDDITCH FOR THE WIN!!!

*Around the Gryffindor table a redish ferret zooms through tossing roses, candy and exploding snaps. All the ferrets give loud Dooks*

ROAR GRYFFINDOR!!! *explodes in flaming letters around them, fortunately they don't burn* HOUSE CUP WINNERS!!!

*At the head-table a sliver ferret lazily floats down and smiles at those seated there and starts to dook... upon realizing the translation spell does not work out here. He gives a little sigh winks at all the staff from behind his half moon glasses and shakes his body.*

THANK YOU, STAFF ONE AND ALL!!! *Shines in silvery letters above their heads* YOU MAKE THE HOUSECUP GRAND!!!

*Around each table, treats are tossed by the little fuzzies and dooks of congratulations are given... if a bit dryly by the dark almost black ferret. Suddenly a load bag was heard as the frazzled form of fuzziekit stumbles in.*

You are not suppose to leave the common room without me... much less take a flying potion...

*All the ferrets scatter to the winds, a golden blur flies past fuzziekit's ear, a black one out a window, a white one off to the towers, the red and sable ones opposite directions as well. The slightly chubby sable manages to get himself unstuck from the chandelier before zooming back to the Gryffindor Common room. The sliver one floats down winks at 'kit and zooms to who knows where.*

I am so sorry I will try and keep them under control... hopefully this time they won't blow anything up.

*Fuzziekit hikes up her robes to reveal bright pink converse high-tops and silver laces and runs off in the direction of the silver one.*

Oh yeah by the way... mommy's name on the site is Fuzziekit... can't imagine why.

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