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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Troupe Tuesday: Bravery in fur.

The story of the Troupe of Gryffindor ferrets continues... Mommy Deii said she should be able to do a description of them in the next week.  Until that time, here are some more antics....

Bright, Quite, Bravery...

Fuzziekit pushed her bangs out of her face and looked over the spell again. She was glad it was warm enough to sit outside. She sighed and leaned back and smiled. The grizzly face was only a few feet away from her. The skeletal black Thestrals were very curious and had approached her smelling the raw meat she had brought with her, for them as a treat. She reached into her bag and pulled out the small wrapped piece of food. She gingerly pulled the parchment away and tossed it to the small creature.

“AAH!” From beside her came a little scream.

“What? No!” Two brightly colored ferrets shot out of ‘kit’s bag and stood in front of her, their tails bottle brushed and teeth bared.

“Run ‘kit.” Sherman spoke in his deeply high voice, his red fur possibly even redder, and hissed at the dark horse.

“We’ll protect you.” Snitchet chirped in her honey golden fur practically glowing and she made her little self as big as she could.

It was hard for ‘kit not to laugh but she knew what to do now. These two little brave balls of fur, who would more likely be eaten by the Thestral than her, had gathered up their courage and stood between her and the perceived danger.

“Oh Sherman, Snitchet.” She stood up and gathered them into her arms. “You two are perfectly brave. My brightly colored, quietly courageous ferrets.” She put them back in her bag and gathered up her notes and spellbook to head back to her kitchen.

“What did we do?” Snitchet asked Sherman.

“If I knew, I would tell you.” He looked at his little friend. “But I still don’t get her.”

Later that week...

“Oow ow ow.” Snitchet squeaked.

“Oh Snitchet.” Fuzziekit rushed over and picked up the little honey golden ferret and looked at her paw, which now had a thin sliver needle sticking out of it.

“It hurts.” Snitchet cried.

“Hold still.” ‘kit said and as gently as she could pulled the pin out. With quick hands she did dabbed a little potion on the paw. “There, that should do it.”

Snitchet shook in ‘kit’s hands and said softly. “It still hurts.”

“Well, the potion isn’t meant to take away the pain.” Sherman spoke from at ‘kit’s feet, where he was looking up to where his friend was being held.

Snitchet turned and looked down at him a moment before sticking her tongue out at him.

“You need to be more careful around objects I am blocking.” There was humor in her voice as she set the little ferret down.

“Blocking?” Snitchet looked at her quizzically. “You don’t block stuff.”

“Not very often. And this was a very aggressive block too.” ‘kit started to take the pins out of the points of the shawl. “I had to insure that the shawl points where..” She chuckled slightly. “..Sharp.”

Sherman gave a light chuckle as well as Snitchet stuck her tongue out, now, at ‘kit.

*Blocking=Yarn Blocking: Shaping the finished garment after knitting or crocheting. It is usually done by wetting the garment. This, in combination with blocking, will give the garment the desired dimensions. (according to Yarn Glossary
Mommy Deii utilized pins in the particular one that they encountered. ;)

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